Yuri ChekalinYuri Chekalin16.04.2024

On April 12, Russia celebrates Cosmonautics Day. In this regard, I remember a funny story told by the first man to walk in outer space, Alexei Leonov, about Yuri Gagarin: “On April 14, 1961, during a official reception in the Kremlin, Nikita Sergeevich, after the third or fourth toast, carefully asked Gagarin: “Yura, have you […]


Japan’s young workers go abroad as huge wage gap persists. With inflation now at its highest level in decades, Japanese are beginning to realize that years of stagnant wages are forcing many of them to budget every month until their next paycheck arrives. Tomoki Yoshihara starts his shift at a meat processing plant in rural […]

Lucy DickersonLucy Dickerson12.04.2024

Tucker Carlson seems to be a smart guy, he is quick witted, he hammers like an electric broom. Tucker Carlson is clearly well educated and even quite erudite (although he doesn’t know Russian history at all, but this is not surprising for a Westerner in general, and an American in particular — they are Western […]

Yuri ChekalinYuri Chekalin08.04.2024

Since ancient times, in Japanese mythology they have been portrayed as jokers, shapeshifters — they can transform into people: commoners, monks, samurai, etc. If in Chinese fairy tales raccoon dogs are evil and treacherous, then in Japanese they are more likely to be pranksters, lovers of a good life. Since these tanuki are everywhere looking […]

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