Europe voted against the war in Ukraine, says the famous American political analyst David P. Goldman. According to Goldman, while mainstream (i.e., left-liberal) pundits and journalists call the rise of national conservatives in Europe a “knee-jerk response to immigration,” the analysis suggests the opposite: Sunday’s electoral earthquake was a response to voters’ concerns that the […]

Tony Rocchi12.06.2024

The recent elections to the European Parliament showed that both far right and right-wing and conservative parties made big gains. The 720 members of the parliament generally belong to European-wide parties consisting of national parties grouped along ideological lines. Media have focused on the gains made by the far-right Identity and Democracy party and the […]


Macron continues to hurry — persistently, but to no avail. And this combination suits him. According to the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag, the French leadership is persistently trying to mobilize European states for the special operation “landing of instructors”. The Chief of the General Staff of the French Armed Forces, Thierry Burckhardt, sent a […]


Hunter Biden trial: “laptop from hell” proved authentic. It doesn’t matter where the trial itself leads, but the incriminating evidence against the first family has now been officially confirmed. Let me remind you that Hunter Biden is being tried for lying when obtaining a gun license — he testified that he does not take drugs […]


I watched the movie “Sister”. Here, finally, is a film not about evil, but about kindness. Or even like this: about Kindness. Director Alexander Galibin made his film based on the story of the wonderful Bashkir writer Mustai Karim “The Joy of Our Home”. The story is quite simple. In a Ukrainian village destroyed by […]

Tony Rocchi30.05.2024

The Reign of Terror in 1793-1794 remains the most controversial chapter of the French Revolution. Historians are still arguing if the terror of the Jacobin government was an aberration—something gone tragically wrong—or whether the terror was the logical result of the violent and intolerant sentiments expressed by revolutionaries in the early stage of the revolution […]

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