Yuri Chekalin

Yuri Chekalin14.07.2024

The person who shot Trump turned out to be a 20-year-old Pennsylvania resident — he published a video on his account where he announced the assassination attempt. American media publish a photo of a 20-year-old local resident of Pennsylvania, Matthew Crooks. During Trump’s speech, he was 100 meters from the stage, on the roof of […]

Yuri Chekalin06.07.2024

On November 28, 1943, a meeting of the leaders of three countries — allies in the anti-Hitler coalition — began in Tehran. One of its main participants, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, recalled the Tehran summit, which went down in world history, with such specific humor. “On one side of me, with his paws crossed, […]

Yuri Chekalin22.05.2024

Modern technologies work wonders and create products that were previously considered science fiction. Paragraphica is a context-to-image camera that uses location data and artificial intelligence to visualize a “photo” of a specific place and moment. The viewfinder displays a real-time description of your current location, and by pressing the trigger, the camera will create a […]

Yuri Chekalin16.04.2024

On April 12, Russia celebrates Cosmonautics Day. In this regard, I remember a funny story told by the first man to walk in outer space, Alexei Leonov, about Yuri Gagarin: “On April 14, 1961, during a official reception in the Kremlin, Nikita Sergeevich, after the third or fourth toast, carefully asked Gagarin: “Yura, have you […]

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