Nature & Ecology


The authoritative scientific journal Nature Geoscience published the results of many years of research by an international group of scientists about the future of planet Earth. Frankly speaking, there is little comfort. Statistics of changes in the Earth’s geosphere and biosphere were analyzed using a supercomputer and AI. Modeling has shown that in the next […]

Yuri Chekalin19.11.2021

In Shinto, heaven, earth, and humanity are different manifestations of one life energy. In recent years there has been much talk of climate change and the disastrous consequences of human impact on the environment. We are constantly urged to limit our consumption of fossil fuels and live more respectfully with nature. This practical task of […]

Mark Tasker23.06.2020

There is a scene near the end of Hirokazu Koreeda’s Shoplifters where the film’s ragtag band of outcasts decamp to the seaside. It is not explained which beach they visit, but it’s fair to speculate it is either Chiba, Izu or Shonan, the most popular areas for Tokyo’s daytrippers. It is the first-time we see […]

Iechika Ryoko05.05.2020

Those who look at the Parthenon, that incomparable symbol of the achievements of an ancient civilization, often do not see its wider setting. Behind the Acropolis, the bare dry mountains of Attica show their rocky bones against the blue Mediterranean sky, and the ruin of the finest temple built by the ancient Greeks is surrounded […]

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