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Viktor AlksnisViktor Alksnis09.11.2023

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said that Germany has decided to permanently station its military units in Lithuania. According to the portal “Augen Geradeaus”, the Bundeswehr’s 42nd Tank Brigade will deploy to Lithuania by early 2025. It will include the 122nd Panzergrenadier Battalion from Bavaria and the 203rd Tank Battalion from North Rhine-Westphalia. The advance […]

Tony RocchiTony Rocchi24.10.2023

The Origins of Mass Political Terrorism in the Modern World. Mass terrorism was born in Russia. Terrorism — organized, armed violence against governments and societies — did not begin on September 11, 2001 with the attacks by Al-Qaida in the United States. Although politically motivated killings have happened over the centuries, terrorism as a specific […]


Legendary whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg has died at the age of 92. Daniel Ellsberg had a brilliant career in the US law enforcement agencies in the 1960s. He received three degrees from Harvard, served in the Marine Corps, and worked for the Pentagon and its affiliated RAND Corporation. At the time, he was a dedicated Cold […]

Viktor AlksnisViktor Alksnis21.05.2023

A US-made Patriot anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) lost all its ammunition while trying to shoot down a Russian Kinzhal hypersonic missile in Kyiv. This was reported on Thursday by the American Military Watch Magazine, citing Western sources. According to them, 32 interceptor missiles worth about $96 million were fired from the Patriot air defense system, […]

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