Kirill Benediktov


Joe Biden has reconsidered his attitude towards the elections. President Joe Biden has announced he will not seek re-election amid ongoing pressure after last month’s disastrous debate results left many in his party wondering whether he should press ahead with his bid to defeat Trump. But he will serve out the rest of his term. […]


The governor’s corps supported the president Biden. After a week filled with rumors that Democratic donors and the Democratic Party establishment were going to force (or persuade) Biden to withdraw his candidacy to give way to young people, it turned out that Biden was not going to go anywhere, and, on the contrary, had assembled […]


The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of former President Donald Trump on Monday, ruling by a 6-3 majority that all U.S. presidents are entitled to qualified immunity from prosecution for acts committed while in office. According to the summary of the decision, the court ruled: “Under our constitutional structure of the separation of powers, […]


Biden totally is crisis to himself. Trump shifts to the political mainstrim on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. The Biden-Trump debate is interesting not because the current president has completely disgraced himself, despite all the efforts of advisers, PR people and pharmacists, and thereby buried his re-election prospects. The most curious thing is that Trump, who won […]


Europe voted against the war in Ukraine, says the famous American political analyst David P. Goldman. According to Goldman, while mainstream (i.e., left-liberal) pundits and journalists call the rise of national conservatives in Europe a “knee-jerk response to immigration,” the analysis suggests the opposite: Sunday’s electoral earthquake was a response to voters’ concerns that the […]

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