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Oleg Yasinsky19.05.2024

In a world of carefully constructed, cultivated and bred madness, it is quite logical that one of the few decent European politicians, Robert Fico, becomes the victim of an assassination attempt. It is even more logical that the assassin is a mature product of this new variety of society, where mass aggressive flawed ignorance inevitably […]


Japan has 2.24 million vending machines, making it the country with the most vending machines per capita. Vending machines can easily be found on every street, in hospitals, office buildings, and even on the top of Mount Fuji. On the other hand, the Japanese are constrained in communication and rarely start conversations with strangers. For […]

Tony Rocchi23.01.2024

Historians generally agree that the People’s Will [Народная Воля] suffered a major defeat because it did not overthrow the government after the assassination of Tsar Alexander II on March 1, 1881. At best, the assassination was a Pyrrhic victory because the successful assassination was accomplished at too great a cost for the People’s Will. The […]


The clash of different cultures always gives rise to conflict, which has various forms and consequences. Large-scale industrialization and associated urbanization in the USSR led to a massive migration of people from the countryside to the cities. Despite the fact that this process lasted for decades, overall it went quite quickly. While in 1917 about […]

Igor Koroteev12.05.2020

The persistent interest in Japan among the Russian people is not very similar to the craving for exotic. About forty years ago, it was still possible to amaze the imagination of my compatriot with bright miracles. But now … Millions of Russians have already traveled to all parts of the world, but interest in Japan […]

Leon Pufferson22.04.2020

The world is great! Yes, world is just huge! And diverse and rich. But you didn’t notice the main thing. The world divided. The world has long been divided. Divided into oceans and continents, land and sky, and, of course, divided into countries. People have long divided this World, and it is no longer common, […]

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