Time 06.December 2023

Sergey Stankevich


I previously read the book by Sergei Shargunov, which formed the basis of the film. The book is larger and deeper, which is only natural. The film itself was shot professionally and conscientiously. Of course, this is not a document, although some shots almost document the chronicle. The main advantage of the film: this is […]


The authoritative scientific journal Nature Geoscience published the results of many years of research by an international group of scientists about the future of planet Earth. Frankly speaking, there is little comfort. Statistics of changes in the Earth’s geosphere and biosphere were analyzed using a supercomputer and AI. Modeling has shown that in the next […]


Rupert Murdoch, the great and terrible Wizard of the media world, has stepped down as chairman of two conglomerates — Fox Corp and News Corp — ending a phenomenal career spanning more than seven decades. Murdoch managed to create the greatest media empire in human history, stretching from Australia to the United States. He seemed […]


A new turn in the history of nuclear energy is taking place in the Far East. Construction begins in the Ust-Yansky region of Yakutia first in the world ground-based low-power nuclear power plant (LNP). The station is being built by JSC RAOS, a subsidiary of the state corporation Rosatom. The ASMM project is based on […]


What Happens Next to Donald Trump in US Courts — Timeline. The US Democratic Party, facing the threat of losing power in 2024, is using the  Department, the FBI and the courts on an unprecedented scale to politically crack down on Donald Trump. The possibility of Trump returning to the White House as president inspires […]


Oil still remains the main source of export earnings for the Russian Federation. Judging by the report of the International Energy Agency, the actual weighted average price for Russian Urals oil (export by sea) under contracts implemented in July 2023 broke through the price ceiling set by the G-7 countries. This price was $64.41 per […]


Legendary whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg has died at the age of 92. Daniel Ellsberg had a brilliant career in the US law enforcement agencies in the 1960s. He received three degrees from Harvard, served in the Marine Corps, and worked for the Pentagon and its affiliated RAND Corporation. At the time, he was a dedicated Cold […]

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