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Kamala Harris began the first rally rally in her campaign for the right to become the first female US president in history. It started from the same Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where the Republican pre-election convention had recently thundered and sparkled. It’s clear why — Wisconsin is one of seven states in which the outcome of the […]


The US Secret Service has admitted that it rejected requests for additional federal resources requested by former President Donald Trump’s security team in the two years leading up to the assassination attempt. The agency has previously denied that such requests for increased security were rejected. An article on this topic is published by The New […]


The current President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky reached US presidential candidate Donald Trump. The previous time they talked on the phone was in July 2019, and then the conversation led to a huge scandal. Trump, citing evidence in the media about unseemly business activity in Ukraine by the Biden family (Joseph and Hunter), asked for […]


Many thousands of people are scratching their heads over this problem. But only Biden himself can legally remove Biden from the race. There is no way without him. There is also Article 25 of the Constitution, according to which a veteran can be declared incompetent and removed. But there is no longer time for such […]


On July 18, the European Political Community will meet in England. What kind of animal is this? The European Political Community is an international forum created in 2022 at the initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron to hold discussions on the future of Europe. One might say, for debates about high geopolitical and philosophical matters. […]


The French President accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Gabriel Attal and his government, the Elysee Palace said in a statement. A transition period has been officially announced, during which the outgoing administration will play the role of interim government until a new executive body is appointed. This transition period has never lasted more than […]


Independent political leaders seem to have been discovered by some crazy globalists who do not want to let go of their purely imaginary “control over the planet.” Only in 2024, the head of the government of Slovakia, Robert Fico and US presidential candidate Donald Trump became victims of terror. WHO ELSE WILL POLITICAL TERRORISTS BE […]

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