Sergey Stankevich


April 19, 2024, an international group of biologists and philosophers signed the landmark New York Declaration, which declares that animals are conscious. The paper suggests consciousness in birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish, as well as in many invertebrates such as insects, crustaceans and cephalopods. The New York Declaration is based on recent discoveries that […]


The Great Flood in Moscow took place in April 1908. In the old, ancient times, floods also regularly occurred in Moscow: once every 30-40 years, the waters of the Moskva River, Yauza, Neglinka and small rivers broke out of the banks and walked through the streets of the capital. The rise in water level from […]


Our observer Sergei Stankevich about the famous Russian politician: “An outstanding charismatic politician, a model populist. Extraordinary speaking and acting talent. Under him, the party he created performed the most important function: it gathered the lion’s share of the protest electorate and tied it to the political system. At the same time leading protestors away […]


I previously read the book by Sergei Shargunov, which formed the basis of the film. The book is larger and deeper, which is only natural. The film itself was shot professionally and conscientiously. Of course, this is not a document, although some shots almost document the chronicle. The main advantage of the film: this is […]


The authoritative scientific journal Nature Geoscience published the results of many years of research by an international group of scientists about the future of planet Earth. Frankly speaking, there is little comfort. Statistics of changes in the Earth’s geosphere and biosphere were analyzed using a supercomputer and AI. Modeling has shown that in the next […]


Rupert Murdoch, the great and terrible Wizard of the media world, has stepped down as chairman of two conglomerates — Fox Corp and News Corp — ending a phenomenal career spanning more than seven decades. Murdoch managed to create the greatest media empire in human history, stretching from Australia to the United States. He seemed […]

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