Europe voted against the war in Ukraine, says the famous American political analyst David P. Goldman. According to Goldman, while mainstream (i.e., left-liberal) pundits and journalists call the rise of national conservatives in Europe a “knee-jerk response to immigration,” the analysis suggests the opposite: Sunday’s electoral earthquake was a response to voters’ concerns that the […]


The Shangri La Dialogue has opened, an annual intergovernmental forum on security held by the independent think tank International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS). The forum’s name is taken from a hotel in Singapore where meetings have been held since 2002.  Defense ministers, permanent heads of ministries and other military leaders of 28 Asia-Pacific countries […]


Ukrainian politicians fear that returned soldiers will refute stories of torture in Russian captivity. Ukraine has not taken back 500 of its military personnel as part of a prisoner exchange for several months, said Tatyana Moskalkova, Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia. “For several months it has not been possible to get Ukraine to take […]


Transatlantic: British conservative elites are betting on Trump and discussing with him a “radical peace plan for Ukraine.” It is well known that David Cameron, who visited Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in April, tried to convince the former US President to approve an increase in military assistance to Ukraine (then the issue of allocating $61 […]


The political blindness of the communists resulted in the fact that Ukrainian nationalism was formed on the basis of Russian nationalism, which fell on fertilized soil by Austrian and German nationalists. Thomas Venclova expressed a fairly sensible idea: “Many in the Baltic countries and throughout Eastern Europe consider Russian nationalism to be an absolute evil, […]

Viktor Alksnis21.05.2023

A US-made Patriot anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) lost all its ammunition while trying to shoot down a Russian Kinzhal hypersonic missile in Kyiv. This was reported on Thursday by the American Military Watch Magazine, citing Western sources. According to them, 32 interceptor missiles worth about $96 million were fired from the Patriot air defense system, […]

Viktor Alksnis05.02.2023

Ukrainian formations are pulling Western-made armored vehicles from the Kharkiv region to the Svatov direction. In particular, it was transferred from Kharkov by two railway trains to Kupyansk. Further, in Kupyansk, heavy weapons were loaded at the marshalling yard, and then sent in the direction of Svatovo. The Russian group did not take any measures […]

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