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The Great Flood in Moscow took place in April 1908. In the old, ancient times, floods also regularly occurred in Moscow: once every 30-40 years, the waters of the Moskva River, Yauza, Neglinka and small rivers broke out of the banks and walked through the streets of the capital. The rise in water level from […]

Tony Rocchi08.01.2024

One of the darkest chapters in the history of the People’s Will [Народная Воля] was how some narodovol’tsy supported a wave of anti-Jewish pogroms [погромы] in 1881-1882 in the southern and southwestern provinces, now forming part of Ukraine. A pogrom is a mob attack direct against certain categories of people, considered evil alien elements by […]


On December 31, 1600, the Company of London Merchants Trading with the East Indies, better known as the British East India Company, was founded in London. Soon, Queen Elizabeth I granted her a monopoly on trade with eastern countries. Such actions were quite in the spirit of the time, when foreign trade was based on […]

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