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George ViereckGeorge Viereck29.03.2023

Hitler’s interview to Viereck. In the collection of Dr. Vasily E. Molodyakov has an exclusive material: Hitler’s interview with George Viereck in 1923. It was published once, in the American Monthly, but has not been republished since then. Today we are republishing it in its entirety as it may be of interest to historians and […]

Yuri ChekalinYuri Chekalin10.01.2023

By 1908, the time was right for a new kind of agency to protect America. The United States was, well, united, with its borders stretching from coast to coast and only two landlocked states left to officially join the union. Inventions like the telephone, the telegraph, and the railroad had seemed to shrink its vast […]

Yuri ChekalinYuri Chekalin04.01.2023

Emilio Kosterlitzky was one of the most colorful characters to ever serve as a special agent. A cultured, Russian-born man of the world, he spent four decades in the Russian and Mexican militaries, rising to the rank of brigadier general in Mexico. To avoid the dangerous tribulations of the ongoing Mexican Revolution, he settled down […]

Yuri ChekalinYuri Chekalin23.06.2022

The romantic love story of a Russian prisoner of war and a Japanese nurse served as the plot for the musical Oath on a Coin (Chikai no Koin) by the Japanese Botchan Theater (坊っちゃん劇場, Botchan Theater) from Ehime Prefecture (愛媛県, Ehime-ken). For almost 30 years, every second Saturday of the month, about a hundred students […]

Yuri ChekalinYuri Chekalin15.12.2021

In Shinto, the term jinja is used for a shrine, or more literally the dwelling place of Kami. Many people probably have a mental picture of a building whenever they think of a Shinto shrine. It is said that we now have 80,000 such buildings in Japan, of which 6,000 have resident kannushi (Shinto masters).Out […]

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