Tourists in Kyoto. A record 3.08 million foreign visitors visited Japan in March. Japan is on track to meet the government’s goal of surpassing the pre-pandemic figure of 32 million foreign visitors a year by 2025, with the number reaching a record 8.56 million in the January-March quarter, data from the Japan National Tourism Organization […]


Japan’s young workers go abroad as huge wage gap persists. With inflation now at its highest level in decades, Japanese are beginning to realize that years of stagnant wages are forcing many of them to budget every month until their next paycheck arrives. Tomoki Yoshihara starts his shift at a meat processing plant in rural […]


Of October 1, the population of Japan, including foreigners living in the country, amounted to 124,352,000 people; it decreased by almost 600 thousand over the year. The decline has continued for 13 years in a row, a government report says. If we talk about the citizens of Japan, then their numbers are eaten up even […]


Our observer Sergei Stankevich about the famous Russian politician: “An outstanding charismatic politician, a model populist. Extraordinary speaking and acting talent. Under him, the party he created performed the most important function: it gathered the lion’s share of the protest electorate and tied it to the political system. At the same time leading protestors away […]


The Greek Foreign Ministry refused to invite Russian representatives to the Independence Day celebrations. There is one nuance here. It was thanks to the Russian Empire that this independence happened. Dates of the Greek War of Independence: March 25, 1821 — February 3, 1829. The Greeks’ struggle for freedom was led by a Russian officer […]

Viktor AlksnisViktor Alksnis09.11.2023

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said that Germany has decided to permanently station its military units in Lithuania. According to the portal “Augen Geradeaus”, the Bundeswehr’s 42nd Tank Brigade will deploy to Lithuania by early 2025. It will include the 122nd Panzergrenadier Battalion from Bavaria and the 203rd Tank Battalion from North Rhine-Westphalia. The advance […]

Viktor AlksnisViktor Alksnis29.10.2023

Russians were the first astronauts, and they are preparing to take revenge. The Russian orbital constellation of satellites represents 2.5% of the global one, it is necessary to radically change the model of the Russian satellite industry, said the head of Roscosmos, Yuri Borisov. In the USA they can produce 3 thousand satellites per year, […]

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