Time 06.December 2023


Viktor AlksnisViktor Alksnis09.11.2023

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said that Germany has decided to permanently station its military units in Lithuania. According to the portal “Augen Geradeaus”, the Bundeswehr’s 42nd Tank Brigade will deploy to Lithuania by early 2025. It will include the 122nd Panzergrenadier Battalion from Bavaria and the 203rd Tank Battalion from North Rhine-Westphalia. The advance […]

Viktor AlksnisViktor Alksnis29.10.2023

Russians were the first astronauts, and they are preparing to take revenge. The Russian orbital constellation of satellites represents 2.5% of the global one, it is necessary to radically change the model of the Russian satellite industry, said the head of Roscosmos, Yuri Borisov. In the USA they can produce 3 thousand satellites per year, […]


Rupert Murdoch, the great and terrible Wizard of the media world, has stepped down as chairman of two conglomerates — Fox Corp and News Corp — ending a phenomenal career spanning more than seven decades. Murdoch managed to create the greatest media empire in human history, stretching from Australia to the United States. He seemed […]

Nicholas ErinNicholas Erin12.09.2023

Japan is planning to reduce reviewing residency process for IT engineers from this autumn on. Applicants will be able to receive residency status within a month if they are hired inside National Strategic Special Zones. This process currently takes three months. Foreign white-collar workers must obtain status of residence before entering Japan. They also submit […]


What Happens Next to Donald Trump in US Courts — Timeline. The US Democratic Party, facing the threat of losing power in 2024, is using the  Department, the FBI and the courts on an unprecedented scale to politically crack down on Donald Trump. The possibility of Trump returning to the White House as president inspires […]

Viktor AlksnisViktor Alksnis19.07.2023

Another successful attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Crimean Bridge was inevitable due to two factors. The first is political, connected with the policy of “agreements” with Ukraine and its allies, which the Kremlin and President Vladimir Putin personally are actively trying to pursue. The “grain deal” allowed Ukraine to launch semi-submersible […]


Legendary whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg has died at the age of 92. Daniel Ellsberg had a brilliant career in the US law enforcement agencies in the 1960s. He received three degrees from Harvard, served in the Marine Corps, and worked for the Pentagon and its affiliated RAND Corporation. At the time, he was a dedicated Cold […]

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