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Yuri ChekalinYuri Chekalin29.05.2020

Starting today, a new blog “CommentaTHOR” has been launched. It will be devoted to politics and humor. Here is our constant category of Satire & Humor. Enjoy: The Most Respected Hypocrites Social Features of Taste We invite everyone to participate in the creation of this magazine and to send us your articles. Articles are not […]

Yuri ChekalinYuri Chekalin20.04.2020

In the old days, people enjoyed reading the magazine as a cup of excellent coffee, setting the perfect tone for the whole day and nourishing the brain’s abilities. Unfortunately, now any publication is often swallowed immediately and without any pleasure, and the meaning of the author’s message eludes the attention of readers like a dissolved […]

About us

The magazine about everything? Nonsense, some would say.

They would be right. This does not and can’t exist if everyone must have a certain agenda when writing.

We challenge it. Our authors are professional in their own field.

The magazine we would like to create will be provoking. It will make people think, absorb, discuss.

Whatever the tops you are interested in, you will find it here.

If you disagree, by all means, write to us. We welcome all comments and discussion topics.