Kamala Harris began the first rally rally in her campaign for the right to become the first female US president in history. It started from the same Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where the Republican pre-election convention had recently thundered and sparkled. It’s clear why — Wisconsin is one of seven states in which the outcome of the […]


Joe Biden has reconsidered his attitude towards the elections. President Joe Biden has announced he will not seek re-election amid ongoing pressure after last month’s disastrous debate results left many in his party wondering whether he should press ahead with his bid to defeat Trump. But he will serve out the rest of his term. […]


Many thousands of people are scratching their heads over this problem. But only Biden himself can legally remove Biden from the race. There is no way without him. There is also Article 25 of the Constitution, according to which a veteran can be declared incompetent and removed. But there is no longer time for such […]


Longtime Biden supporter and Hollywood spokesman George Clooney called on Biden to drop out of the race. The actor wrote a column that was readily published by The New York Times. In it, he wrote: “This is not just my opinion; it is the opinion of every senator, member of Congress and governor with whom […]


The governor’s corps supported the president Biden. After a week filled with rumors that Democratic donors and the Democratic Party establishment were going to force (or persuade) Biden to withdraw his candidacy to give way to young people, it turned out that Biden was not going to go anywhere, and, on the contrary, had assembled […]


81-year-old Joseph Biden, barely alive after his disastrous election debate with Donald Trump, spent the weekend with his family clan at the Camp David residence. Those present include his wife Jill, as well as his children and grandchildren. Many Democratic supporters sincerely hoped that the family, and especially his wife Jill, would persuade the race-weary […]

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