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Yuri Chekalin08.04.2024

Since ancient times, in Japanese mythology they have been portrayed as jokers, shapeshifters — they can transform into people: commoners, monks, samurai, etc. If in Chinese fairy tales raccoon dogs are evil and treacherous, then in Japanese they are more likely to be pranksters, lovers of a good life. Since these tanuki are everywhere looking […]

Yuri Chekalin19.07.2020

Many Japanese visit Shinto shrines for devotional purposes and yet have their funerals held at Buddhist temples. In recent years, Christian-style weddings have become fashionable, making the situation even more complicated. Many Western observers find Japanese spiritual practices hard to disentangle and so are tempted to dismiss Japanese spirituality as convoluted and confused. In their […]

Yuri Chekalin15.06.2020

Ancient Japanese have expressed the world after death in various ways. Beyond death, one is said to go to the following variously expressed realms: the eternal land, or the land of root (tokoyonokuni, or nenokuni) the hidden world (astral world) (kakuriyo) the land of the dead (Hades) (yominokuni) the mountain, where the dead become guardian […]


Many of our Greek Orthodox Christians in the US have become members of Masonic lodges. They hear of criticisms leveled against Masonry and are puzzled by them, especially because they understand Masonry to be on the side of God and morality, in general. They find it difficult to understand the charges leveled against Masonry which […]

Yuri Chekalin02.05.2020

Shinto is undeniably a religion unique to the Japanese people. It is a natural religion born and nurtured in the Japanese islands, unlike Buddhism or Christianity, which are world religions that have come to Japan from foreign countries. Certainly we cannot deny the influences on Shinto from Buddhism, Confucianism, or Chinese culture. Their influences on […]

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