Time 06.December 2023

Politics & Army

Viktor AlksnisViktor Alksnis18.09.2023

Returning to the topic of placing Sarmat strategic missiles on combat duty, I would like to draw the attention of dear readers to the fact that test launches of missiles before being put into service and placed on combat duty are not carried out for the purpose of fulfilling bureaucratic procedures. This is vitally important […]

Viktor AlksnisViktor Alksnis21.05.2023

A US-made Patriot anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) lost all its ammunition while trying to shoot down a Russian Kinzhal hypersonic missile in Kyiv. This was reported on Thursday by the American Military Watch Magazine, citing Western sources. According to them, 32 interceptor missiles worth about $96 million were fired from the Patriot air defense system, […]


Joe Biden is Promised Impeachment. U.S. President Joe Biden faces the prospect of impeachment by congressional Republicans amid yet-to-be-arraigned charges of a “criminal scheme” to receive money from unnamed foreign individuals. Senator Chuck Grassley and Congressman James Comer, both Republicans, formally requested that the FBI submit an unclassified memo to Congress for investigation “depicting a […]

Viktor AlksnisViktor Alksnis05.02.2023

Ukrainian formations are pulling Western-made armored vehicles from the Kharkiv region to the Svatov direction. In particular, it was transferred from Kharkov by two railway trains to Kupyansk. Further, in Kupyansk, heavy weapons were loaded at the marshalling yard, and then sent in the direction of Svatovo. The Russian group did not take any measures […]

Viktor AlksnisViktor Alksnis21.11.2022

I didn’t watch the terrible footage of the execution of our soldiers who had surrendered. When I realized that they surrendered with weapons and combat equipment in their hands, and only one of them took the fight and died in this fight, and the rest were COOL, then from the point of view of the […]

Yuri ChekalinYuri Chekalin18.10.2022

Pyongyang’s nuclear capability is increasing, but international capacity or interest in dealing with them is limited. The details vary, but the picture is immediately recognizable: a salvo of missiles followed by chilling new rhetoric. This time, North Korean state media claimed that the recent flurry of tests simulated strikes against targets in South Korea and […]

Igor KoroteevIgor Koroteev28.06.2022

Japan’s participation in World War II is still not well understood. Perhaps because the pre-war policy of the Land of the Rising Sun was distinguished by complex turns and inconsistencies. By the 1930s, the Meiji Revolution had come to its end: an acute shortage of markets, a difficult economic situation due to the Great Depression. […]

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