Time 06.December 2023

Crime & Terrorism

Tony RocchiTony Rocchi06.12.2023

Defining terrorism and showing how terrorism is different from other types of political violence is becoming more different in our age of information overload. Information Overload about Terrorism in Today’s World Terrorism is part of everyday life in many parts of today’s world. Print and broadcast media keep us informed about terrorist attacks everywhere. Since […]

Tony RocchiTony Rocchi04.12.2023

Before writing the articles on political trials in the Russian Empire and use of administrative orders and extraordinary laws to crush opposition, I must explain my methodology—how I research and write about different subjects in history. Most important is how I define terrorism. In this series we are looking at the how the Russian Empire […]

Tony RocchiTony Rocchi15.11.2023

Part 3 see here. Terrorism was only one of several types of mass violence in the Revolution of 1905-1907. The other types included: the violence of mass protest movements, criminal violence, and government violence in suppressing the revolution. The massiveness and varieties of violence in mass protest movements in the Russian Empire reached proportions not […]

Tony RocchiTony Rocchi12.11.2023

Part 2 see here. Support from liberals and moderate socialists and ambivalent attitudes by conservatives enabled the massiveness and continuity of left-wing terrorism in Russia between 1901-1911. In its fight against terrorism and revolutionary violence, the government found few supporters. What happened was the mass criminalization of Russian educated society. The relevance of the liberal […]

Tony RocchiTony Rocchi10.11.2023

The Russian Revolution of 1905-1907 was the first major European revolution with a terrorist component. Politically-motivated killings happened on a large scale in previous European revolutions, especially in the French Revolution of 1789-1804 and the European revolutions of 1848-1849. However, in the Revolution of 1905-1907, we are talking about terrorist acts conducted by organized groups. […]

Tony RocchiTony Rocchi24.10.2023

The Origins of Mass Political Terrorism in the Modern World. Mass terrorism was born in Russia. Terrorism — organized, armed violence against governments and societies — did not begin on September 11, 2001 with the attacks by Al-Qaida in the United States. Although politically motivated killings have happened over the centuries, terrorism as a specific […]

Yuri ChekalinYuri Chekalin23.02.2023

The first serial killer in the Soviet Union. In late 1922 – early 1923, corpses began to float in the Moscow River, frightening the fishermen. In the abandoned wasteland, passers-by also began to find bodies, tied and packed in bags. Rumors spread around Moscow about a terrible maniac and about people who went to the […]

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