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Oil still remains the main source of export earnings for the Russian Federation. Judging by the report of the International Energy Agency, the actual weighted average price for Russian Urals oil (export by sea) under contracts implemented in July 2023 broke through the price ceiling set by the G-7 countries. This price was $64.41 per […]


Starting from February 5, 2023, the European Union has banned sea imports of Russian oil products. In this regard, Moscow is forced to look for other buyers for about a million barrels a day of diesel fuel, naphtha, etc., if it still wants to receive money for them. Deliveries of Russian fuel to third (non-European) […]

Nicholas ErinNicholas Erin09.11.2022

Ottawa has ruled three Chinese groups to get rid of their stakes in Canadian critical mineral companies after intelligence authorities reviewed their money posed a threat to national security. The announcement mirrors a notable hardening of Canada’s stance towards China. In particular, the government instructed Sinomine (Hong Kong) Rare Metals Resources, Chengze Lithium International and […]

Nicholas ErinNicholas Erin31.08.2022

Japan`s government is considering restarting reactors and building next-generation new ones. The Japanese prime minister, Fumio Kishida (岸田 文雄), announced he had administered a special government panel to research how “next-generation nuclear reactors equipped with new safety mechanisms” could help Japan in “green transformation” and achieving its goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. A move to look […]

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