Tony Rocchi

Tony Rocchi19.07.2024

Support from liberals and moderate socialists and ambivalent attitudes by conservatives enabled the massiveness and continuity of left-wing terrorism in Russia between 1901-1911. In many respects, these tendencies already began in the first wave of political terrorism in Russia from 1878-1894. Just how much do we know about liberal support for terrorism and conservative ambivalence […]

Tony Rocchi11.07.2024

Terrorism in the Russian Empire between 1901-1911 was both a multiethnic and multireligious phenomenon. In no way can it be considered an ethnically Russian phenomenon. However, too many historians ignore the multiethnic and multireligious composition of terrorists in Russia, and this is one more reason why terrorism remains a Great Unknown. Part of the problem […]

Tony Rocchi07.07.2024

In its own way, terrorism became a mass movement in the Russian Revolution of 1905-1907. However, few historians consider terrorism a mass movement but regard it as something committed by individuals or small groups. The Revolution of 1905-1907 was the first European revolution with a strong terrorist component. Politically motivated murders did happen in previous […]

Tony Rocchi29.06.2024

Because political terrorism in the Russian Empire remains the Great Unknown, we will go on having huge difficulties in understanding many tendencies in terrorism in today’s world. While it is true that terrorism happens under specific historical circumstances in different countries and periods during different periods, the fact remains that the history of political terrorism […]

Tony Rocchi12.06.2024

The recent elections to the European Parliament showed that both far right and right-wing and conservative parties made big gains. The 720 members of the parliament generally belong to European-wide parties consisting of national parties grouped along ideological lines. Media have focused on the gains made by the far-right Identity and Democracy party and the […]

Tony Rocchi30.05.2024

The Reign of Terror in 1793-1794 remains the most controversial chapter of the French Revolution. Historians are still arguing if the terror of the Jacobin government was an aberration—something gone tragically wrong—or whether the terror was the logical result of the violent and intolerant sentiments expressed by revolutionaries in the early stage of the revolution […]

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