The US conducted anti-vaccine and anti-doctor campaign in the Philippines. The goal was to increase the incidence and number of victims and blame China for this. A Reuters investigative report found that the US waged a secret campaign to discredit vaccines, drugs and the doctors offering them in the midst of the Philippines’ first Covid […]


Biden stops accepting asylum applications from illegal migrants. But this is not an absolute ban. The criteria for its introduction are unlikely to please supporters of establishing order on the southern border. Currently, asylum applications are not accepted from migrants who crossed the border illegally. At the same time, it is not very clear what […]


Turkey did a better job than the United States in searching for the remains of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi helicopter in the mountains of Azerbaijan. One of the mysteries of Sunday’s tragedy in the mountains of Iran is a message from US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller that the Iranian government asked Washington for help […]

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