This is unacceptable to all moral principles, it destroys religious canons and universal values. It’s terrible, disgusting and vile. It’s just shit! It’s politics.

The Most Respected Hypocrites

This is unacceptable to all moral principles, it destroys religious beliefs and universal values. It’s terrible, disgusting and vile. It’s just shit! Well, it’s politics.

And there are still politicians. They are the ones who make politics. And these are the most successful, influential, and respected people in any society of every country in the world. Well, maybe except Ukraine.

What do we know about politicians? They deliberately deceive people, because of them the old people are starving, and they start wars. Every day of the year they publicly do the most immoral things in the world. They constantly violate their vows, and at the same time betray allies and national interests along with national security.

For the sake of their immediate benefit, they are not hesitating and shamelessly ready to declare the obvious innocent with the guilty, and black to call white. Just look at Skripal’s case…

They regularly call for patriotism and call for joining the national army, but they easily destroy any historical monuments and cultural traditions of their peoples. We have seen this in the USA in the past few years.

They take strict laws and ceaselessly violate them without consequences. They are obliged to be responsible to us for all their decisions and deeds, but they will necessarily evade even criminal prosecution of the investigated and proven crimes. Take Hilary Clinton, for example, with missing emails and a hard drive.

They blatantly rob citizens of their states of huge taxes and exorbitant fines for contrived violations, then to drain huge budget funds as a way of enriching themselves and support their servants and security guards.

They launder innumerable billions through greedy corporations and offshore banks, and then shove them into their personal pockets. At the same time they rant about social policy and our defense against a hostile world that curses them for robbery and destruction.

All their diplomacy, which is so praised in the media, is aimed only at promoting the goal of plundering the weaker countries and will continue without restrictions until the very death of their peoples. And all of their humane world politics is traditionally based on a greed for profit and immerses humanity in a sea of blood and inconsolable grief.

Despite this, they year over year achieve our trust and get votes in elections with loud promises to change this, but then only cynically demonstrate their contempt for our naive faith in their words.

And all this is possible only because we persuade ourselves of the sincerity of the most professional hypocrites in the world. Because it is we who diligently close our eyes and walk past ruined monuments and defiled traditions. We ourselves shamefully betray ourselves and our loved ones, our unborn descendants.

We are tired, we are scared and we do not want to even think, because all the time is busy with work, entertainment and sleep. Well, why should we still think after we gave them our votes? Does anything else depend on us now? How can we at least influence something?

But we are not looking for answers to these questions. And they know us and use us. And it will continue as long as we allow it.

And the answer is simple. This is our voice! A voice must be heard. We are obliged to loudly and clearly declare our rights and interests, to demand their execution not only from local officials and national politicians, but the entire international political bureaucracy. After all, the borders are almost destroyed and now we live in a very small world.

In today’s world, voices have become more important than any weapon, and we must realize this and learn to use our own voice for the sake of our dearest people and ourselves.

And we need to start with public accusations against every political liar regardless of his status and belonging to a weak or strong country. Politicians must be afraid of us, and we can not afford to be afraid of politicians. Only in this way will we preserve the future for all people in the world.

Leon Pufferson


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  • Kite Vit

    14.07.2024 at 11:14

    Hello, I hope you will read this message of mine. First of all, I just wanted to say thank you for enjoying reading this article. We all need political clarity to us in our day to day lives. After all, our lives have become very dependent on politicians. You know, that go to thought that you read my thoughts about the modern world. This is the end of my text, thank you for getting me reading magazines again!


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