We discussed Satanism.

Really Important Things

I feel like everything will definitely get better now!
Satanism cult
The State Duma finally got down to REALLY IMPORTANT THINGS. We discussed Satanism. I feel like everything will definitely get better now!

Olga Timofeeva (head of the committee for the development of civil society) stated: “We, together with representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, are increasingly raising the issue of recognizing Satanism as an extremist movement,” she emphasized.

Roman Silantyev, head of the Laboratory of Destructology at Moscow State Linguistic University, added that “there is a consolidated opinion that Satanists should be banned, this will make it possible in the future to ban more dangerous movements, Wahhabis and Marxists.”

Silantiev at the same time agreed that Satanism was another Bolshevik bomb. Comparing the scientific theory of Marxism with Satanists and Wahhabis is an A, solid. That is, for the gentlemen in charge, the method of building a just society without oppressing people and the worship of Satan, and at the same time fanatics blowing themselves up in crowded places, are absolutely identical.

Well, really, how can you live if someone has scientifically and practically proven the possibility of living with the whole world without private appropriation of the results of social labor? This way the earth will fly into the celestial axis! If there is no private ownership of the means of production and 0.5% of multi-billionaires, then why was life on the planet even invented? It is clear that such horror must be banned.

Then we’ll live.

Klim Zhukov

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