Leon Pufferson

Leon Pufferson08.09.2022

MAD GOD is a adult animated horror film made with technology that spans the history of cinema. It’s the result of a Series of contiguous short movies directed by legendary visual effects and stop-motion artist Phil Tippett. The sets, creatures, effects and spirit are, in every way, independent and created from the heart. Phil Tippett […]

Leon Pufferson02.07.2022

All people have a strange attachment to food. Real food connoisseurs prefer foie gras, but ordinary people love plain bread. And such a fundamental choice of products finally divided humanity into gourmets and eaters. There are few gourmets in the world. Of course, they make up the very peak of the food pyramid and from […]

Leon Pufferson27.04.2020

Recently, I was revising my collection of animated films and came across a film that I recommend to watch for everyone over 50 years old. “La Maison en Petits Cubes” is either a cautionary tale of environment or a sentimental story. The world gets flooded and each time the water level goes up, the residents […]

Leon Pufferson24.04.2020

This is unacceptable to all moral principles, it destroys religious beliefs and universal values. It’s terrible, disgusting and vile. It’s just shit! Well, it’s politics. And there are still politicians. They are the ones who make politics. And these are the most successful, influential, and respected people in any society of every country in the […]

Leon Pufferson22.04.2020

The world is great! Yes, world is just huge! And diverse and rich. But you didn’t notice the main thing. The world divided. The world has long been divided. Divided into oceans and continents, land and sky, and, of course, divided into countries. People have long divided this World, and it is no longer common, […]

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