Social Features of Taste

All people have a strange attachment to food. Real food connoisseurs prefer foie gras, but ordinary people love plain bread. And such a fundamental choice of products finally divided humanity into gourmets and eaters.

There are few gourmets in the world. Of course, they make up the very peak of the food pyramid and from there they vigilantly observe the rest of the chewing humanity.

True gourmets themselves take care of the mode and quality of their food. It is well known that foie gras goes well with exotic fruits, deli meats, fresh seafood and, of course, the best French wines and strong elite drinks. All this is mined by gourmets on their own in expensive restaurants or in home kitchens with servants.

Fashionable nutritionists recommend eating food in the fresh sea air along a three-deck yacht or, in extreme cases, on the terrace of a coastal villa for the greater benefit of digestion.

It is different with bread, and its consumption is the primary sign of the ill-developed taste of the eaters. It has been established that bread does not go well with exotic fruits, but is better suited to it: potatoes, cabbage, herring and even pasta. Green bananas are surprisingly well suited to all these products. And all this is easily assimilated under the condition of regular such nutrition, since authoritative scientists have experimentally proven the ability of human digestion to amazingly adapt to absolutely any food, including its surrogate substitutes.

Constancy in eating improves the well-being of the eater, and any changes in the food basket of an ordinary eater are fraught with serious illnesses and possible mental deviations from the imputed social status. As modern British science has established, only prolonged fasting can be more beneficial for well-being.

At the same time, the entire world press pays special attention to representatives of the gourmet community, admiring their impeccable taste and arrogant lifestyle among the dazzling brilliance of beads and tinsel.

Even in the most difficult and catastrophic times in the history of mankind, their uncompromising taste in matters struck the inflamed imagination of starving compatriots. For the sake of their principles in matters of a healthy lifestyle, gourmets freely change their habitats and citizenship, which is rightly explained not by a banal betrayal of the national interests of the notorious homeland, but by the cosmopolitan nature of their tastes and priority views on the quality of life.

The other thing is the eaters. Their patriotic love for a certain type of bread is so great that they strive to eat it every day in their native walls with their loved ones. But most eaters are completely incapable of self-extraction. For them, it is necessary to create lifelong feeders in the form of paid jobs, and often also pay pensions and other benefits, wittily called social and at the same time unnatural laws of the global market and the liberal spirit of profit that dominates in a developed society, where everything and everyone has a pre-calculated price. In this regard, in recent years, world governments have launched a successful fight against these social remnants. And they accumulated huge funds for new armies, capable of forcibly and benevolently occupying any territory for growing grain for baking all the same bread.

All these efforts by caring gourmet governments are undertaken only to satisfy the selfish desire of the eaters in the consumption of bread and, of course, circuses. And there is no need to save on spectacles, since here the interests of eaters and gourmets intersect in an amazing way in their most ruthless and bloody forms. But more on that in the next post…

Leon Pufferson

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