Hunter Biden Lied Again.

“Laptop from Hell”

Hunter Biden trial: "laptop from hell" proved authentic.
Hunter Biden trial: “laptop from hell” proved authentic.

It doesn’t matter where the trial itself leads, but the incriminating evidence against the first family has now been officially confirmed.

Let me remind you that Hunter Biden is being tried for lying when obtaining a gun license — he testified that he does not take drugs and has never been treated for addiction, which was an obvious untrue.

As material evidence, the “laptop from hell” that was very sensational in its time was presented — Hunter Biden’s computer, on which he stored all his business correspondence (including, to put it mildly, dirty clothes on Joe Biden and his brother Jim), as well as videos and photographs of him taking drugs, having fun parties, and so on.

For a long time, “talking heads” from the Democratic Party assured that everything told about the contents of the computer is not true, so the detailed presentation of the contents of the laptop in books and newspaper publications is nothing more than inventions of the Republicans, and the laptop that appears in the case is itself a fake.

However, during the demonstration of the president’s son’s laptop in court, a witness was called — FBI agent Erica Jensen, who confirmed that the laptop was genuine and the files on it had not been edited or otherwise tampered with after being seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Justice Department confirmed that the laptop belonged to Hunter, finding that he left it at a computer store and that the contents matched what authorities obtained through a search warrant for Hunter Biden’s iCloud storage.

CNN also finally admitted that Hunter’s “laptop from hell” was genuine more than 500 days after the story about it first broke on October 24, 2020, but it was then called “Russian disinformation” and a “fiction.”

Dmitri Drobnitsky

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