He had already been found guilty of contempt of Congress, but the Justice Department did not allow the charges to proceed. It’s all about the House of Representatives’ request for a recording of Joe Biden’s interrogation by special counsel Robert Gur, who was investigating the mishandling of classified documents by Vice President Biden. Goor declined […]


Under the deal with justice, Julian Assange is promised to be released home to Australia immediately after the deal is approved by the court. The US Department of Justice accuses Julian Assange of conspiring with US intelligence analyst Bradley Maning (now Chelsea Maning) to illegally obtain confidential information and disseminate it. The plea deal involves […]


Hunter Biden trial: “laptop from hell” proved authentic. It doesn’t matter where the trial itself leads, but the incriminating evidence against the first family has now been officially confirmed. Let me remind you that Hunter Biden is being tried for lying when obtaining a gun license — he testified that he does not take drugs […]


What Happens Next to Donald Trump in US Courts — Timeline. The US Democratic Party, facing the threat of losing power in 2024, is using the  Department, the FBI and the courts on an unprecedented scale to politically crack down on Donald Trump. The possibility of Trump returning to the White House as president inspires […]


Fittingly, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was founded by a grandnephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, Attorney General Charles J. Bonaparte, during the Progressive Era. Bonaparte was a Harvard-educated crusader. As the FBI’s official history states, “Many progressives, including (Teddy) Roosevelt, believed that the federal government’s guiding hand was necessary to foster justice in an industrial […]

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