Joe Biden is Promised Impeachment.

Flight of the Boomerang

Republicans currently have 222 seats in the House of Representatives to 213 Democrats, enough to approve articles of impeachment.
Joe Biden is Promised Impeachment.

U.S. President Joe Biden faces the prospect of impeachment by congressional Republicans amid yet-to-be-arraigned charges of a “criminal scheme” to receive money from unnamed foreign individuals.

Senator Chuck Grassley and Congressman James Comer, both Republicans, formally requested that the FBI submit an unclassified memo to Congress for investigation “depicting a criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Joe Biden and a foreign national.”

Many see the move as a GOP retaliation — political revenge for House Democrats impeaching Donald Trump twice in 2019-2021. But they could not bring the procedure to the removal from office.

Now the boomerang is back.

James Comer is chairman of the powerful House Committee on Oversight and Accountability. The Committee sent a subpoena to the FBI demanding the unclassified document FD-1023, the existence of which the whistleblower informed the Republicans about. Senator Grassley joined the demand. The FBI is obligated to comply with the demand.

No specific charges against Biden have yet been brought forward. But the memo, demanded by members of Congress, “allegedly contains a detailed outline of a scheme to exchange money for political decisions,” Grassley and Comer said in a news release.

A noisy campaign immediately broke out in the media associated with the Republicans, promoting such a story: they say Biden is 50 years in public service, lives on a salary, and expenses were growing, a family house appeared and much more. Allegedly, everything was bought with the business income of family members — Hunter’s son, brothers and nephews of the president. But they do not have any contracts or completed projects. But there is information about payments from different countries, which seem to have nothing to explain, except as “buying influence.”

All this will now be clarified at the hearings in the House of Representatives in the committee of James Comer, which is clearly eager to assert itself.

The impeachment process against an incumbent is relatively simple. Articles of accusation, together with a package of evidence, are considered in the House of Representatives and approved by a simple majority. The fact that the prosecution is approved by a vote means impeachment itself.

Republicans currently have 222 seats in the House of Representatives to 213 Democrats, enough to approve articles of impeachment.

Further, the case goes to the Senate, which functions as a judicial chamber.

A two-thirds majority is required for a guilty verdict and removal of the president from office. It is not realistic to collect so much, so the charge will be dismissed.

Nevertheless, the very procedure for discussing the accusation in both chambers will most likely be used by the Republicans to discredit Biden as a presidential candidate for a second term.

Sergey Stankevich

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