Time 06.December 2023
I didn't watch the terrible footage of the execution of our soldiers who had surrendered.

Feel the Difference

I didn’t watch the terrible footage of the execution of our soldiers who had surrendered.

When I realized that they surrendered with weapons and combat equipment in their hands, and only one of them took the fight and died in this fight, and the rest were COOL, then from the point of view of the Law, they committed a crime.

I remind you that in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation there is an article 352.1. “Voluntary surrender”, which is punishable by imprisonment for a term of three to ten years. And although only a court can recognize a citizen as a criminal, there will no longer be a trial against them, they themselves signed their own death warrant and, in fact, carried it out. Therefore, there is no need to shed tears for them. Don’t think that I’m justifying their killers. Yes, they committed a crime. And I really hope that in the end these bloody killers will be found. And I really hope that they will not live to see the trial, and they will be treated in the same way.

But the execution of our servicemen clearly showed the inferiority of the ideology of the special military operation, but in fact the “strange war” that is being waged in Ukraine. When our belligerent army observes “agreements” almost every day, constant calls for negotiations with the enemy. And not only calls, but actually ongoing negotiations behind the back of the army. When, for the sake of some incomprehensible goals, our army is fighting with its hands tied, because from somewhere above there are prohibitions to fight in full force. When for the sake of someone’s commercial and political interests vast territories are surrendered to the enemy, for which hundreds and thousands of our servicemen died in battles. When there are regular exchanges of prisoners, and the bloody murderers from Azov are exchanged in the first place, although before that there were loud threats that they would all be tried for war crimes. When for a godfather or a relative of an influential person they can sacrifice hundreds of our servicemen who remain to rot in Ukrainian captivity.

And now a simple soldier who finds himself in a difficult situation, faced with a choice to die in battle or surrender, chooses the second. In the hope that after some time it will be exchanged sooner or later. He does not want to die for Abramovich and Co., he does not want to die for the Special Army Operation, in which the goals of the operation change regularly and treacherous “agreements” are being implemented before his eyes. The bosses hang noodles on his ears that on the other side of the front, the same representative of the triune Russian people is fighting against him, who can in no way be an enemy and who should be treated almost like a brother.

As long as all this continues, we will suffer defeats and pay for them with the lives of thousands of our soldiers.

And in conclusion, I will give excerpts from the texts of the military oaths of the Soviet army and the Russian army, directly related to the question of life or death in the war. But the military oath is an oath that is given for allegiance to the Motherland.

Here is an excerpt from the text of the Soviet oath:

“… I am always ready, on the orders of the Soviet Government, to defend my Motherland – the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and, as a soldier of the Armed Forces, I swear to defend it courageously, skillfully, with dignity and honor, not sparing my blood and life itself in order to achieve complete victory over the enemies.”

And here is the full text of the oath of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation:

“I, (last name, first name, patronymic), solemnly swear allegiance to my Motherland – the Russian Federation. I swear to sacredly observe the Constitution of the Russian Federation, to strictly comply with the requirements of military regulations, orders of commanders and superiors. I swear to fulfill my military duty with dignity, to courageously defend the freedom, independence and constitutional order of Russia, the people and the Motherland.”

Feel the difference.

Viktor Alksnis

Viktor Alksnis

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