Wishful Thinking

And yet, despite my age and thirty years of political experience, I remain a naive person.

Yesterday I didn’t go to bed until 12 midnight, waiting for the speech of the President of the Russian Federation V. Putin with an appeal to the nation about the situation with Kherson. Although, based on the previous 22 years of his leadership of the country, I knew perfectly well that there would be no speech.

President Putin, as always, decided to “sit out in the bushes”, or rather in his bunker. As he did at critical moments of our reality. In August 2000, during the tragedy of “Kursk”, the capture of hostages by Chechen terrorists in October 2002 in the theater center on Dubrovka, the seizure of a school in Beslan by terrorists on September 1, 2004, in August 2008, when he fled from Moscow to the opening of the Olympics in Beijing , trying to distance himself from the decision to start the war with Georgia. And today, hiding from the G-20 meeting that has not yet begun in Indonesia on November 15-16, sending Minister S. Lavrov in his place.

But Russia is in international isolation largely because of his decisions, and it would seem that it is his duty, as the president of the Russian Federation, to go to this meeting and defend our interests there, proving his case. But, alas…

It’s quieter in the bunker. After all, you can always ask later: “What have I got to do with it?”. These are Shoigu, Surovikin, Lavrov and others.

Kherson is the first, but not the last RUSSIAN city surrendered to the enemy. Ukraine received a unique opportunity to transfer the 50,000-strong group that had been liberated to the Zaporozhye direction, and launch an offensive against Melitopol in order to reach the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov and cut our group into two parts.

Then defeat its “Kherson part” on the left bank of the Dnieper and launch an attack on the Crimea. By destroying the Crimean bridge and depriving our troops in the Crimea of ​​supplies, as well as near Kherson, they will repeat the experience of the 11th German army under the command of Erich von Manstein, which in September 1941 began the battle for the Crimea. And I’m not sure that in 2023 the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not be able to repeat it.

It looks like we have no one to fight, and most importantly nothing. As a result of the largest deindustrialization in world history, carried out under the leadership of V. Putin for 22 years, we destroyed most of our defense enterprises. And as a result, it is not able to provide all the needs of our army. And the Soviet stocks stored in warehouses and storage bases seem to be coming to an end.

This is evidenced by the active supply of T-60 tanks to the front, the production of which was discontinued back in 1975, as well as the appearance at the front of the D-1 howitzers, which was used by the Red Army during the Great Patriotic War. Particularly disturbing are the statements of our soldiers and officers who are directly involved in hostilities, sometimes flashing in blogs, about the beginning of a shortage of artillery shells. And in this regard, I am extremely outraged by the statements of pro-government politicians and bloggers who say that we have nowhere to rush and we can fight for years to come.

We can’t, sir! Each day of delay in hostilities brings the day closer when there will be nothing to fight with. And if I were the president, I would immediately fly to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, apologize to its leadership and people for the sanctions of the UN Security Council, which the Russian Federation has supported and implemented for many years. And asked for help. First of all, ammunition and military equipment.

But, alas. This is unlikely to ever happen. This is my naivete.

Viktor Alksnis

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