The governor's corps supported the president Biden.

Biden Strikes Back

The president, who is rapidly losing voter support.
The governor’s corps supported the president Biden.

After a week filled with rumors that Democratic donors and the Democratic Party establishment were going to force (or persuade) Biden to withdraw his candidacy to give way to young people, it turned out that Biden was not going to go anywhere, and, on the contrary, had assembled a fairly powerful support group.

On the eve of Independence Day, Democratic governors met behind closed doors with Biden and Harris, after which many of them declared that the president was fully fit for office.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz: “None of us deny that Thursday night was bad. It was a hard blow, if you will, but it doesn’t affect what I believe: He gets results. Yes, he is qualified for the job.”

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore: “When you love someone, you tell the truth. We’ve been honest about the concerns we’ve heard from people. And we’ve also been honest about the fact that and how the president speaks. Biden fully immersed and involved. And we said we would be with him.”

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul: “I’m here today to tell you: President Joe Biden intends to win. And we all said we pledged our support because the stakes couldn’t be higher.”

California Governor Gavin Newsom (whom I consider one of the most likely contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination) said in an interview with CNN: “I heard three words from the president – he is ready. And so am I. Joe Biden has supported us. Now it’s time to support him.”

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (whose name has been on the Democratic Party’s list of potential candidates should Biden withdraw his candidacy) wrote on Network X: “@JoeBiden is our candidate. He wants to win, and I support him.”

According to minutes of the meeting released by the Biden campaign, “the President reaffirmed his determination to defeat the existential threat of Donald Trump in the November election and sought the advice and expertise of Democratic governors. All participants (of the meeting – K.B.) reaffirmed their shared commitment to “Everything possible to ensure President Biden and Vice President Harris defeat Donald Trump in November.”

So far, events are unfolding in the most favorable way for Trump. The president, who is rapidly losing voter support (the latest polls give Trump a 6-point advantage), is clinging to the chair in the Oval Office with his hands, feet and teeth, and the time that Democrats could use to promote an alternative candidate is irrevocably running out.

Kirill Benediktov

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