Geopolitical Division of the World: does Europe Threaten to Split?

The beginning of the second cold war.

After the start of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, aimed at its denazification and demilitarization, the United States and its allies, as if on command, began to turn away from Russia, impose the most severe economic sanctions on this country in the entire history of the world, in the hope of destroying it, and then destroy.

However, Western sanctions have not produced tangible, concrete results.
Russia was able to withstand unprecedented difficulties by introducing serious measures inside the country to support its own economy.

But now, those countries that have imposed anti-Russian sanctions are now experiencing their negative consequences. Gas, for example, has risen in price significantly in Europe, especially after the terrorist attack, carried out on the command of the United States, on two Nord Stream gas pipelines. After that, the EU countries decided to buy American blue fuel four times more expensive than Russian. It was after this that the cost of energy in Europe jumped to enormous heights for the first time. Naturally, this affected ordinary EU citizens. As a result, in countries on the European continent, the cost of human life has risen sharply. Prices have increased several times, literally for everything: naturally for gas, electricity, fuel, food. Citizens have become unable to pay for utilities, not to mention something else. Now, the states of the European Union have taken the toughest decisions to save electricity, heating and water. Due to the high cost of water and electricity, showering for ordinary people has become a real luxury.
Naturally, not accustomed to everyday hardships, the Europeans revolted. For quite some time now, in the capitals of Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, and the Czech Republic, thousands of people have regularly held rallies against huge financial assistance and arms supplies to Ukraine, anti-Russian sanctions, the high cost of living, and against the leaders of these states. And also the inhabitants of Europe demand the resignation of the main officials of the European Union Ursula von der Leyen and Josep Borrell, who, according to the protesters, are the criminal destroyers of Europe.

Now, let’s see why EU citizens are forced to endure a lot of human inconvenience?

The answer to this question is quite simple.

The EU is nearing collapse.

Now, thanks to the United States, an unprecedented economic crisis has arisen in the European Union. The reason, allegedly, is Russia’s military actions against Ukraine. Therefore, Russia, according to American and European politicians, is enemy No. 1 for the entire “civilized” world. Naturally, the European Union “swallowed” this American message. The EU, at the behest of the United States, is now and for quite a long time now pumping weapons into Ukraine, with which Ukrainian troops kill Russians in the Donbass and even in several Russian regions. At the same time, the European Union considers this to be correct and that the Russian Federation is the main “world evil”. But we know that this is not so. Russia once again rids the world of fascism. And she doesn’t like that NATO is expanding eastward, despite early promises not to.
Russia is protecting its interests and the “Russian world”, which is quite natural from the point of view of geopolitics.
But back to the European Union.
Due to anti-Russian sanctions and as a result of the economic downturn in the EU, the countries of the “friendly European family” are gradually moving away from each other. For example, if before the “engine” of the European economy was Germany, then since the beginning of the crisis, France has been claiming this role, as well as Poland, which, by the way, fulfills all the wishes of Washington and even offers its territory for the deployment of nuclear weapons. Because of this, disagreements arose between the leaders of these countries. These disagreements, as well as the economic crisis, dissatisfaction of EU citizens with the policy of European officials and tension in society and disagreement with the policies of the European Union of some countries: Hungary, Serbia and Poland are rapidly bringing Europe closer to collapse. But the main initiator of the collapse of Europe is the United States, because it is from this country that various negative initiatives for the world and their consequences come, examples of which abound in the world.

About the imaginary Russian nuclear threat.

However, I will express my opinion regarding the nuclear threat from Russia. In my opinion, the Europeans have a completely wrong idea about the Russian principles of using doomsday weapons. At the suggestion of the alleged “leader of the world” – the United States, it is Russia that is the main nuclear threat to the world. But the Russian nuclear doctrine says something completely different, it is exclusively defensive in nature. For example, if a missile with a nuclear charge is launched at this country, then Russia will respond with a strike at the place where the launch took place, and the Russian Federation will also launch a preemptive strike at the territory of the place where the main decision-making center is located. In this case, such a center is located in the United States. So far, only two NATO bases with storage of nuclear weapons in Europe are Germany and Romania. Therefore, Europeans need to be afraid not of Russia, but of the United States, which are confident in their impunity, that they will not fall from the Russian “nuclear dessert”. But the Russian doctrine does not provide for the attack of Russia first.
Games with nuclear threats in any case will end badly in our planet. Therefore, I think that the politicians of the world should not even renounce the weapons of the “doomsday”. There will be no winners in this war. What can happen in the event of a nuclear apocalypse, we all know.

Europe now.

Now the EU is a “servant” of the United States, which is absolutely indifferent to the fate of the European continent. For the United States, the main thing is to keep its leadership in the world in any way, for this the hegemon is ready to sacrifice not only Ukraine, but the entire European Union. Even if a big war happens in Europe, the United States is far across the ocean and will be able to make money on military operations. Here, as the Americans themselves say, “nothing personal, just business.” And America still managed to break the economic ties between the EU and Russia, thereby signing to Europe a humiliating and completely dependent sentence of the “eternal” US vassal.

Yuri Shekhunov

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