Warzone Isolation is Always Necessary

In the art of war, it is considered an axiom that without isolating the area of ​​​​combat operations, their successful conduct is impossible.
Ukrainian formations are pulling Western-made armored vehicles from the Kharkiv region to the Svatov direction.

In particular, it was transferred from Kharkov by two railway trains to Kupyansk. Further, in Kupyansk, heavy weapons were loaded at the marshalling yard, and then sent in the direction of Svatovo.

The Russian group did not take any measures to counter this. As it did not undertake and does not undertake also in other sectors of the front.

In the art of war, it is considered an axiom that without isolating the area of ​​​​combat operations, their successful conduct is impossible.

The isolation of a combat area is understood as a ban on the movement of enemy troops and the delivery of material and technical means to any area of ​​combat operations. The experience of military operations of the last hundred years shows that the isolation of the combat area is a priority task of military aviation in any theater of operations, it is solved both on a tactical and strategic scale. Up to 70% of aviation sorties are assigned to this task.

The isolation of the combat area is carried out by:

destruction of transport communications, road junctions, bridges, airfields;

limiting the enemy’s maneuver with forces and reserves, disrupting the transfer of his troops and equipment;

delivering strikes against suitable troops along their routes of movement and in their areas of concentration.

In the coastal theaters of military operations, the main target of air strikes is naval bases and port infrastructure; in areas with mountainous terrain — passes and tunnels.

Based on the experience of local wars, it was concluded that the isolation of a combat area is a complex task that includes reconnaissance and immediate fire engagement of exposed targets by various tactical aviation forces. According to a number of experts, along with aviation, long-range guided weapons, airborne troops and special forces can also be used to isolate the combat area.

The current SVO in Ukraine is the first large-scale military conflict in the last 100 years, in which the Russian army refused to isolate combat areas and allows the enemy to freely transport personnel, military equipment and ammunition to the front. At the same time, the Russian army has an overwhelming superiority in the quantitative composition of tactical and army aviation, but due to the unsuppressed Ukrainian air defense, this aviation suffers serious losses and is not used to isolate the combat area.

At the same time, the suppression of Ukrainian air defense is carried out on a case-by-case basis and is not systematic. As a result, if at the beginning of the special military operation the air defense of Ukraine was relatively weak, armed with obsolete Soviet anti-aircraft missile systems and could be quickly suppressed, but for unknown reasons, apart from the bravura statements of our General Staff about its suppression and gaining air supremacy, nothing was done. At present, in connection with the supply of Western modern air defense systems, the air defense capabilities of Ukraine have increased significantly, and its suppression is becoming an increasingly difficult task every day.

I repeat, it is impossible to achieve victory without isolating the areas of hostilities. Especially in the context of massive supplies of Western weapons to Ukraine.

But this cannot be done without the use of aviation, and our aviation cannot isolate the combat area due to the unsuppressed Ukrainian air defense, the absence of modern space and air reconnaissance equipment in the Russian group, as well as the modern means of destruction necessary for this.

In addition, apparently, it can be assumed that, in addition to all of the above, there is also a political factor, when for some incomprehensible purposes, including commercial ones, there is a ban on strikes on transport infrastructure, since this can damage gas pipelines, ammonia pipelines, oil pipelines, etc., passing through the territory of Ukraine.

Viktor Alksnis

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