Biden totally is crisis to himself.

Trump and Ukrainian Crisis

Trump shifts to the political political mainstrim on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.
Biden totally is crisis to himself. Trump shifts to the political mainstrim on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

The Biden-Trump debate is interesting not because the current president has completely disgraced himself, despite all the efforts of advisers, PR people and pharmacists, and thereby buried his re-election prospects. The most curious thing is that Trump, who won the debate, demonstrated a significant shift towards the political mainstream on the issue of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, calling Putin’s peace plan “unacceptable” and saying that Russia “took a lot of land from Bush, from Obama and from Biden” (including I mean, obviously, the five-day war of 2008, the return of Crimea and the annexation of Donbass and Novorossiya), but it didn’t take it away from Trump.

It is obvious that since the April allowance of Republicans in Congress to vote on the allocation of 62 billion in aid to Ukraine, Trump has been slowly drifting towards a course of moderate support for Kyiv acceptable to the Washington establishment (despite all his personal hostility towards Zelensky). Apparently, they explained to him that this was a prerequisite for victory in November.

Kirill Benediktov

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