The list of candidates to replace Biden is actually intended to convince party activists and elite groups to “not change anything much”.

The Washington Post Publishes Material in Favor of Harris 

The panic continues.
The list of candidates to replace Biden is actually intended to convince party activists and elite groups to “not change anything much”.

The article begins with self-incrimination: they say we have been hiding our heads in the sand for a long time. We have been saying for a long time that Biden is a powerful old man and the father of American democracy, but he is neither one nor the other…

After this overture, they talk about the “incredible,” “extreme” difficulty of replacing a candidate. (“This is truly a desperate plan that faces many obstacles.”) And this is an important motive, because the general mood in the expert community requires immediate action, and this ardor must be cooled. Well, then the candidates are listed, with Kamala Harris symptomatically in first place, and Michelle Obama in 8th place. In 6th place is Gavin Newsom (Governor of California), and in 3rd place is gay transport worker Pete Butitage. Funny.

What can be attributed to the advantages of the article is the presence of Gretchen Whitmer (Governor of Michigan) and Andy Beshear (Governor of Kentucky) on the list. These people really, with proper promotion, could become the “saviors of the party and the republic.” The trouble is that there is little time for this promotion, and there is no agreement between political clans in Washington.

Let’s not forget what The Washington Post is today. This is Nash Holdings led by Jeff Bezos. That is, this is a Big Number, most interested in preserving the democratic administration in its current form. And since Kamala Harris is the same Biden, only younger and instead of falling in public she has a stupid laugh, then she was placed in first place.

What’s interesting is Gretchen Whitmer’s second place finish. This woman is the smartest choice of all the candidates revealed to the public to date. This means that people have already gone to her to “talk.” Another thing is that Jill Biden may not give his way, and Obama and Clinton may nominate a candidacy that no one is discussing yet. The panic continues. And since it cannot be stopped, various elite groups are trying to lead and streamline it.

Dmitri Drobnitsky

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