Oil still remains the main source of export earnings for the Russian Federation. Judging by the report of the International Energy Agency, the actual weighted average price for Russian Urals oil (export by sea) under contracts implemented in July 2023 broke through the price ceiling set by the G-7 countries. This price was $64.41 per […]


The movement of oil supplies from the Russian Federation from the European direction to China has accelerated sharply. With accelerating economic growth, China is changing its oil import strategy. Between November 2022 and January 2023, Chinese state oil companies refrained from explicit and bulk purchases of oil from the Russian Federation. Apparently, they had a […]


The giants of the oil business, instead of the former straightforward brutality, are practicing more and more complex dances — logistics, contract and price. Moreover, these dances are not at the forefront, but behind a curtain that is less and less transparent for the sanctions controllers. An impressive counter march: Russian suppliers leave Europe for […]


Preparing an attack on the oil cartel. A bipartisan group of US senators has submitted a bill to the US Senate to ban oil cartels. The document received the ironic name NOPEC (No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act). The main authors are Republican Chuck Grassley and Democrat Amy Klobuchar. If the NOPEC Act is […]

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