“Russia is historically, geographically and culturally connected with Europe, that is, it is a European country, but the Americans don’t want that!"

French Journalist Renaud Girard is a Pragmatist and a Realist

“Americans protect their interests at the expense of everyone else.”
A very interesting article by the famous French journalist and writer Renaud Girard in Le Figaro under the title “Why America defends Ukraine so much.”

Let me emphasize that Renaud Girard is not pro-Russian (although some commentators consider him as such and are outraged that he is allowed to write in such a respected newspaper!) He is a pragmatist and a realist, who understands that peace and stability are impossible without Russia, and who advocates friendly relations with our country.

He sees the reason for the current conflict as the US is no longer the superpower it was in the 1990s, so it intends to slow the growth of rival empires so as not to lose its place at the top of the world podium. He critically assesses the activities of the “Peace Conference on Ukraine” without the participation of Russia, emphasizing that “a conference to which one of the two warring parties was not invited has little chance of achieving peace.”

Therefore, he considers it appropriate to use not the term “peace conference on Ukraine”, but “conference of solidarity with Ukraine subjected to aggression.” What is typical is that the comments, no matter who wrote them, are different.

For example, there is this one: “Russia is historically, geographically and culturally connected with Europe, that is, it is a European country, but the Americans don’t want that! Since 1945, Europe has been a vassal of the American overlord, who intends to remain so: division is the best way to rule!

Of course, some smart people write that inviting Russia to a conference is like inviting Nazi Germany to Tehran or Yalta. But there are many balanced comments: “The United States, naturally, does not want a European Union with the participation of Moscow”; “they want to make money off our hump”; “Americans protect their interests at the expense of everyone else. After Chirac, French presidents seem to have forgotten about this”; “We fund and arm Ukraine to protect American hegemony, pay more for our energy, and are in a state of icy coldness with our Russian neighbor…

We have been turned into good vassals.” The French are painfully searching for a way out of this crisis. And not only in the comments. The very fact that such an article was published in a leading publication is also indicative. It’s probably too early to talk about it, but perhaps the information field is slowly starting to change. The information millstones that should completely grind Russia are beginning to creak. Because the French understand well: American media works only for the national interest.

Natalia Tanshina

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