Explosion on the Crimean Bridge: Ukraine Takes Responsibility for the Subverse

Immediately after the explosion on the Crimean bridge, adviser to the office of the President of Ukraine Mikhail Podolyak declared Ukraine’s responsibility for the explosion on the Crimean bridge. He posted a post on Twitter, where he stated that everything “illegal” should be destroyed, and wrote “Crimea. Bridge. Beginning.”

On the morning of October 8, at about 6:15 a.m., a fuel tank caught fire and a car exploded on the railway track of the Crimean bridge. The fuel tank caught fire at the tail of a freight train.
As a result of the sabotage, two spans of the highway were partially destroyed. Three people were killed: the driver of the exploded truck and people who were driving nearby in a car.
According to residents of the nearby city of Kerch, the explosion on the bridge was so strong that it was heard in different parts of the city.

The Crimean bridge connecting Crimea and mainland Russia is the longest in Russia and Europe – its length is 19 km. Its construction began in February 2016 and was fully completed in December 2019. The cost of the project exceeded 220 billion rubles.
The bridge is considered an important transport artery, including for supplying the Crimean and Kherson groups of troops. Now for the delivery of goods will have to use the ferry. In any case, this will complicate the logistics. However, such a message has already been organized by the authorities on an emergency basis. Road and rail traffic on the bridge has been stopped. But less than a day later, traffic on the bridge was restored.
The Investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case on the fact of the explosion and described the sabotage as a terrorist attack. In Kyiv, they repeatedly threatened to blow up the bridge as soon as Ukraine had the appropriate weapons.

Back in April, Russia repeatedly received threats from the head of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov to blow up the Crimean bridge. And then the worst happened – the work of the Crimean bridge was completely disrupted. Initially, Ukraine planned to hit the bridge with a long-range missile. But this would be unlikely, since the Crimean bridge is a strategic object and air defense is built around it no worse than around Moscow. Therefore, an explosion from the air is impossible.
The sabotage occurred, fortunately, not over the arch of the bridge, otherwise it would have been difficult for ships to enter the Kerch Bay, and traffic on the bridge would have stopped for an indefinite period.
Immediately after the terrorist attack, world comments about what happened literally rained down. However, only on the part of Ukraine – joy and jubilation and some neighbors: Poland and Estonia. Russia has repeatedly warned the neighboring country about the consequences of the attack on the Crimean bridge, up to and including the destruction of important infrastructure in US-controlled Ukraine. The fact that in Kyiv they prepared in advance for sabotage is evidenced by photo zones with banners of the explosion of the bridge.

Who really benefits from this incident? I am sure that it is the United States, the EU and NATO countries that have been waging an unremitting war against Russia for many years. No wonder Washington (the White House and the Pentagon) has recently been raising the topic of nuclear war allegedly from Russia. Simply put, they provoke the Russian Federation to be the first to use nuclear weapons. Well, now let’s figure out why the United States, as a “world leader” needs an external enemy in the face of Russia. The answer to this question is very simple. In order to hide all their flaws and miscalculations in foreign and domestic policy in front of their fellow citizens in the United States, and allies in the EU, as well as NATO. The United States is in a serious economic and political crisis. The “hegemon” country needs an adversary – Russia, in order to transfer all the attention of the world community to it, to blame its failures on it. Therefore, Russia has always been represented by the Western world as an “evil empire”.
As for the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge, I think the reaction of the Russian authorities will be after assessing and eliminating the consequences of the sabotage. But most likely Russia’s response will be quite tough.

Yuri Shekhunov

Yuri Shekhunov

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