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Leon Pufferson08.09.2022

MAD GOD is a adult animated horror film made with technology that spans the history of cinema. It’s the result of a Series of contiguous short movies directed by legendary visual effects and stop-motion artist Phil Tippett. The sets, creatures, effects and spirit are, in every way, independent and created from the heart. Phil Tippett […]

Olga Makarova16.06.2022

The review of an animation: Detroit’s suburbs have been emptied by a housing crisis, but one house makes a choice. Among the deserted streets, boarded-up houses that were burned from inside out, and collapsing buildings, there was one eccentric house that did not want to quietly fade away along with the rest of the doomed […]

Roman Sviridov12.05.2022

The folds on the surface of the paper are like secret letters that were formed simultaneously with the world. However, understanding what literally lies on the surface is sometimes more difficult than unraveling the depths of space. Most likely, before the invention of paper, figures were also able to be folded, for example, from the […]

Serg Levine11.06.2020

“Hatred stirs up strife, But love covers all sins.” King Solomon In Palestinian territory, a local boy provokes an Israeli patrol soldier to chase after him. In this strange chase, the line disappears not only between the pursuer and the pursued, but also between reality and imagination. The bold mystical fantasy “Eli” of young Israeli […]

Pavel Chirkov14.05.2020

It is impossible to control something boundless, but everything can be declared a zone of one’s interests. In the American film “Frankie Rulez!!!” by director San Charoenchai, the comic character Frankie does something similar. He teleports to various parts of the infinite Universe for the sole purpose of fixing flags everywhere with his own portrait […]


Throughout the history people are fascinated by freaks. Scared, disgusted, but still fascinated. And it is no surprise that we see freaks on the big screen. “Frankenstein”, “Freaks”, “The Elephant Man” so on and so forth… It is such a vivid way of showing the difference between human and non-human. Every time we see a […]

Yuri Chekalin29.04.2020

Theology once believed that “translation” could mean direct removal to heaven of the body without intervening death. All too often in being translated, the poem loses its life. Literal translation of a poem into bare prose may help understanding, but the plain text of a literal version may not be accurate to the poem, for […]


Zombies, Zombies, Zombies, Zombies and Zombies again in the musical animated film “Invasion” by Moustache Studio on “Judgment Day” remix by Mister Modo & Ugly Mac Beer. Nowadays there are many movies about zombies. In fact so many that we start forgetting what really zombies are. They are these gruesome creatures with one wish and […]

Leon Pufferson27.04.2020

Recently, I was revising my collection of animated films and came across a film that I recommend to watch for everyone over 50 years old. “La Maison en Petits Cubes” is either a cautionary tale of environment or a sentimental story. The world gets flooded and each time the water level goes up, the residents […]

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