Islamic fundamentalism is penetrating our world gradually, step by step.

Two English Women Were Abused for Swimming in Burkinis in Sicily

In the person of Muslim fundamentalism, human civilization has an enemy no less merciless and ruthless than Nazism.
Sounds interesting, right? Read on: “Two English women were verbally attacked for swimming in the pool of a Sicilian hotel in Islamic swimwear over the weekend.

Two tourists, aged 19 and 25, from London, were attacked by two male hotel guests, Italian citizens. One one of them said: “Who knows what you are hiding under them,” referring to the burkinis worn by Muslim women.

Two London residents have contacted the local police for libel and harassment.” Note the thoughtful use of terms: “English tourists”, “Londoners” were verbally attacked by “Italian citizens”. But in fact, two Muslim women, Pakistani or Hindu, British citizens, seemed suspicious to two real Italians, Catholics. Doesn’t remind you of anything? “The terrorist has no nationality”, “the boy Islam saved everyone in Crocus Hall”, “young Vladimir is of unknown nationality”, “and the guard in the church was a Muslim”…

Moreover, if you look at other sources, it turns out that the Italians were not Italian citizens – one was a citizen of Switzerland, the other was a citizen of Germany. And they said to the “English women”: “It’s unhygienic to go into the pool in a suit, shame on you.” The girls burst into tears and ran to complain to the resort manager.

The resort manager, who is originally from Mauritius, strongly condemned the incident and asked the guests who “offended” the women to leave the hotel. To the credit of the Italians, they refused to do this and stayed at the hotel until the end of the weekend.

It would seem, what does the events in Dagestan have to do with it? Yes, despite the fact that all these are links of one chain. Islamic fundamentalism is penetrating our world gradually, step by step. First, Wahhabi beards, niqabs, swimming in a burkini in the hotel pool. Then there were lamb sacrifices on the streets of Moscow. Introduction of Sharia law in individual neighborhoods of European megacities or areas of entire countries. Attacks on temples of other religions.

Then the murder of priests. Then the massacre of infidels. It’s time to honestly admit: in the person of Muslim fundamentalism, human civilization has an enemy no less merciless and ruthless than Nazism. And even though the ban on the public display of the swastika is not capable of ending Nazism in itself, it marks the attitude of society towards this most dangerous phenomenon.

The ban on the niqab in Russia should become the same marker. Dangerous flirting with tolerance, inclusiveness and other creations of the sick mind of left-liberals inevitably leads to blood and death, as happened yesterday in Dagestan.

We can talk all we want about the machinations of British and American intelligence, but the point is that Islamic fundamentalists attacked Orthodox Christians – for religious reasons, as well as for ethnic reasons. Without the religious and national factors, no intelligence agency would have been able to carry out such an operation.

Kirill Benediktov

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