Klim Zhukov15.07.2024

On July 9, 1943, Operation Husky began — the landing of Western Allied troops in Sicily. Despite the complexity of the operation and the successful evacuation of local troops, its results were impressive: Italy left the war, the Mediterranean Sea was open to navigation. In turn, after Italy’s withdrawal from the war on September 8, […]

Klim Zhukov06.05.2024

When Berlin fell, there was still a week left before Victory. On May 2, 1945, the Berlin garrison capitulated. The capital of the Third Reich fell at the feet of the victorious Red Army. At one o’clock in the morning on May 2, the radio stations of the 1st Belorussian Front received a message in […]


The political blindness of the communists resulted in the fact that Ukrainian nationalism was formed on the basis of Russian nationalism, which fell on fertilized soil by Austrian and German nationalists. Thomas Venclova expressed a fairly sensible idea: “Many in the Baltic countries and throughout Eastern Europe consider Russian nationalism to be an absolute evil, […]

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