Ryan Woodward's film about the love story has shown magical choreography.

Romance at the Tip of the Pencil

Animated Short Film “THOUGHT OF YOU” is a delightful graphic novel with images that look like they’ve stepped out of the pages of an artist’s album and came to life.

A great way to show the experience and dreams of each character is simply through a pencil drawing that comes to life without distracting details.

In the film by the American author Ryan Woodward, everything would seem simple: no background, only two images, no face, no dialogue, only music and a charming dance. Dance is the basis of this miniature.

Sometimes it is difficult for people to say something very important to each other, to formulate their thoughts. And dance, like music, is a different language — the language of the body, expressive and sincere, it is able to extract the most hidden thoughts and desires from the nooks and crannies of the mind and show the whole essence of a person. Graceful dance movements can express more emotions than any dialogue.

From watching the film, everyone can experience something deeply personal: something that touches their own feelings, in any case, the author really hopes so. That’s why the characters have no faces, because each viewer has their own dream image.

In an accessible and simple language, the author shows the viewer the true emotions. He admires the poetry of modern dance and hopes that after viewing this miniature, the audience will take a look from the other angle at their own relationship with their loved ones, and the reason for this is an unexpected ending.

Enjoy the charm of this amazing graphic film.


Olga Makarova

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