Inclusive capitalism is all inclusive.

Nature on the Meter

Water, soil and air must be “put on balance”, since they must cease to be free and unlimited.
The true essence of globalists and their inclusive capitalism is increasingly being revealed through the mouths of their high-ranking apologists.

If previously only globalists of the first (visible) line allowed themselves to speak as they are: Schwab, Attali, Gates, Charles III (Prince Charles), now the “second line” has also begun to speak out openly.

So recently, Lindsay Hooper, head of CISL (Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership), at one of the recent WEF meetings, said that water, soil and air must be “put on balance”, since they must cease to be free and unlimited. Another “good lady,” Gim Huai, managing director of the WEF, proposed taxing water.

Inclusive capitalism is all inclusive. And water, and earth, and air, and sunlight, all nature will be put on the meter. You have to pay for everything.

I would like to believe that inclusive capitalism will not pass away. Such a story could only be advanced by blitzkrieg. And such an attempt was made in 2020-2021. under the pretext of the coronavirus “pandemic”.

But the population of the planet had enough critical thinking to resist, and now the understanding of what the globalists are proposing will only deepen over time. And with it comes the understanding that there really is no alternative to anti-capitalism.

Vladimir Morozov

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