Yuri Chekalin16.04.2024

On April 12, Russia celebrates Cosmonautics Day. In this regard, I remember a funny story told by the first man to walk in outer space, Alexei Leonov, about Yuri Gagarin: “On April 14, 1961, during a official reception in the Kremlin, Nikita Sergeevich, after the third or fourth toast, carefully asked Gagarin: “Yura, have you […]

Yuri Chekalin07.07.2023

The Assumption, Archangel and Annunciation Cathedrals, the Ivan the Great Bell Tower, the Grand Duke’s Palace, the walls and towers of the Kremlin — all these structures were erected in a little over thirty years, when Moscow and the whole country were actively built in the 15th century. As a result, the monumental architectural and […]

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