Now in the world it is more alarming than ever. In fact, it is on the verge of a nuclear conflict between the two largest powers.

An Attempt to Repartition the World: Who Needs it?

The stumbling block in tense relations between Russia and the United States was the special military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.
Now in the world it is more alarming than ever. In fact, it is on the verge of a nuclear conflict between the two largest powers.

The stumbling block in tense relations between Russia and the United States was the special military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

But what are the interests of the United States in this armed conflict, which in its scale, with confidence, can be called war? Let’s figure it out.We are all watching the news closely. However, residents of different countries learn about them quite in a metered mode and then receive the information that is beneficial to the leadership of certain states. But everything that comes out in the press, the Internet, on TV and radio is approximately the same. There, the main message is that Russia is the main enemy of the world – the evil empire.

But why are they trying to demonize Russia in the world? To answer this question, let’s recall some sad moments in world history.

In August 1945, the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were atomic bombed by the United States. As a result, more than 200 thousand people died. Even more people were crippled and left homeless.

Later, in early 1957, the United States planned to start a third world war against the USSR, with the massive use of nuclear, chemical and bacteriological weapons. According to the once-classified US Dropshot plan, US aircraft were supposed to carry out a nuclear bombing of Russia and wipe out its largest cities, including Moscow, destroying millions of residents of the Soviet Union.

However, the ominous plan was not destined to come true. The only thing that kept the American command from starting this operation was air samples in Kamchatka: they showed that the USSR also has nuclear weapons. The United States was afraid that the Russians could answer.

Then, in different years of modern history, the United States visited with “democratic missions” and with “good” carpet bombing of civilians in Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan. Everywhere American troops went, everywhere they left destruction, thousands of killed citizens and human suffering.

But I am sure that the main goal for the United States has always been and is Russia its huge territory and myriad natural resources.

Today, the “world leader” of the United States, together with its vassals – the countries of the European Union, decided to fulfill their plan to weaken and then collapse Russia.

Although, they began training immediately after the collapse of the USSR. When Ukraine gained independence, the United States slowly, systematically pumped Ukrainians with anti-Russian ideology, “Western democratic values,” bacteriological laboratories and weapons for war with Russia. In fact, the United States turned the former Soviet republic into “Anti-Russia” and completely reformatted the consciousness of Ukrainian citizens, made Russia’s enemy of the once fraternal people.

Two years ago, Russia did not want to put up with NATO’s eastward advance and outlined red lines for the United States and its allies. But her demands were ignored. The North Atlantic Alliance has literally moved closer to the borders, using Ukraine as a springboard to fight Russia, supplying a huge amount of NATO weapons, destroying civilians in Donbass.

Russia, defending the “Russian world” and defending the inhabitants of the southeastern part of Ukraine, systematically liberates the territory of the once fraternal Soviet republic: from the Ukrainian Nazis, from the genocide of Russian-speaking citizens, from regular shelling of civilians. Now the Russian territory has become larger due to the accession of four former Ukrainian regions to it.

With the beginning of a special military operation, i.e. with the introduction of Russian troops in southeastern Ukraine, the United States, together with its allies, began to impose regular sanctions against Russia. In short, relations between the two countries of the United States and Russia are now, more than ever, heated to the limit. But it is clear for sure that the United States, the EU and NATO are direct patrons in the world of Nazism and fascism.

Threats of a possible nuclear war are increasingly heard in the world media. Back in February, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the Munich conference ambiguously made it clear that his country needed nuclear weapons to repel alleged Russian aggression. Now there is a situation with the possible creation of a “dirty nuclear bomb” by Ukraine. Russia, claims, with reference to its intelligence, that Ukraine is going to use a nuclear charge to then accuse the Russian Federation of nuclear provocation.
For information, the detonation of a “dirty bomb” will lead to radiation infection of tens of thousands of people and the “shutdown” of territories from life for up to 50 years.

However, the curators of Ukraine, who supply weapons to fight Russia, represented by the United States and the EU countries, are more concerned about the implementation of their plans to destroy and destroy the Russian Federation.

In September, at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, the Nord Stream gas pipeline was blown up, tentatively by command from Washington. As a result, the main recipient of Russian gas, Germany, is forced to buy expensive liquefied American gas. Earlier, the US President warned Russia that Russian gas would not be used in the EU and the United States had every opportunity for this. Later, in early October, Ukrainian intelligence carried out a terrorist attack to undermine the Russian Crimean bridge. All this, in my opinion, is an obvious escalation of US relations with respect to Russia.

In addition, recently, 4,700 American special forces from the elite combat unit “Screaming Eagles” were transferred to the NATO base in Romania, in case of aggravation of relations with Russia.

I think now it is clear who benefits from the deterioration of world security.

The result of the international escalation is the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, which uses Western and American weapons.

The armed conflict received its echo in the life of the EU: in European countries, due to anti-Russian sanctions, an economic crisis occurred, as a result of which the benefits of civilization such as gas and electricity became a real luxury for Europeans. In many European states, rallies have been held for a long time against high prices, anti-Russian sanctions, including against NATO.

But I will summarize. The reason for the conflict, as you understand, is one – the struggle for world domination. And the United States needs an “external enemy” in the person of Russia in order to write off all its own political and managerial mistakes in front of its fellow citizens and allies.

A state that loses global influence and has $31 trillion in foreign debt seems to have nothing to lose.

Yuri Shekhunov

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