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Orban Crosses Oceans And Continents

How does he do this?
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Zelensky
What does Viktor Orbán have in his blue folder?

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban carried out his next “peace mission 3.0”: after Zelensky in Kyiv and Putin in Moscow, he visited Xi Jinping in Beijing. And without having time to digest the difficult Chinese cuisine, he took on the “peace mission 4.0”: he quickly moved to Washington.

The intrigue is that his visits seem strangely spontaneous. It seems that this is not how high-level government policy is done. It is customary to prepare such visits long and carefully.

And here Orban, like Paganini, plays without notes out of inspiration. And how is he immediately allowed and accepted everywhere? Why does he attract such different politicians who are at war with each other? Much, however, can be clarified by the last point of the dizzying tour: who will Orban meet in Washington? And what will follow?

President Biden is now in desperate need of an increase in his rating, which has fallen critically after the leader of the Democratic Party openly failed in the election debate with Donald Trump. If Biden manages, with the help of Orban, to co-author at least the initial steps towards peace in Ukraine, this peacemaking success could even out his chances in the further fight against Trump.

If Orban brings a workable peace plan on a platter and gives it to Trump, this could become the decisive trump card for the Republican leader in the fight to return to the White House.

Just some kind of series. The further it goes, the more incredible it becomes. I hope to see a peaceful ending of the first season.

Sergey Stankevich

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