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At nine o’clock in the morning, a lone man wanders through the Canadian wilderness, his companions — a dog, the sunless sky, the tremendous cold, and the strangeness and weirdness of it all. As temperatures plummet far below zero, his chances at survival are soon to follow. The man is doomed to face the primordial […]


Once upon a mountain within their dwellings of white mist and clouds, two groups of monkeys fight for a place in a hot spring. Our unlikely characters, a troop of Japanese macaques known locally as Nihonzaru, live in a world of secrets quite different to our own, yet plagued by familiar tensions. The snowstorm’s blows […]

Olga Makarova15.07.2023

Animated Short Film “THOUGHT OF YOU” is a delightful graphic novel with images that look like they’ve stepped out of the pages of an artist’s album and came to life. A great way to show the experience and dreams of each character is simply through a pencil drawing that comes to life without distracting details. […]

Yuri Chekalin13.04.2023

“Where does all this madness about hara-kiri, bushido come from…” /From one Russian radio broadcast./ “… We must win honestly, We must live in the bright light, They will compose songs about us, Heaven will be hot…” “Sport Heroes”    “…Who knows what awaits us?  Who knows what will happen?  And will be strong  And […]

Olga Makarova14.02.2023

Opposites are known to attract. Because the heroes of the French animated comedy “Jinxy Jenkins & Lucky Lou” were doomed to meet, and, according to the authors’ intention, their meeting was to be completely random and completely captivating the attention of the audience. As a result, an exciting race of heroes in an uncontrolled ice […]


To begin with, in the 21st century, the convergence of academic and popular music has increased. If earlier in world practice, academic composers went into film music, now the trend is reversed – film composers and even computer game composers are moving into academicism. They write music for ballets that are staged in the world’s […]

Serg Levine26.12.2022

In a fancy Parisian Café, an uptight bourgeois discovers he forgot to bring his wallet and bides his time by ordering more coffee. “French Roast” is a 2008 French computer-animated short film created by Fabrice Joubert. It received ANIMA – Córdoba International Animation Festival award in 2009. The storyline is very simple. A disheveled man […]

Olga Makarova11.12.2022

Obviously, for the success of the film with the jaded modern audience, everything matters. And it all, of course, begins with the original plot. For example, as in the film “Johnny Express” by South Korean author James (Kyingmin) Woo. And, although before the release of the film, he was engaged in animation for a relatively […]

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