Tucker Carlson is clearly well educated and even quite erudite.

Naive Tucker Carlson

He asks and says the right thing, because the mass murder of anyone, be it Christians, Muslims, Jews or Buddhists, contradicts the tenets of Christian teaching.
Tucker Carlson seems to be a smart guy, he is quick witted, he hammers like an electric broom.

Tucker Carlson is clearly well educated and even quite erudite (although he doesn’t know Russian history at all, but this is not surprising for a Westerner in general, and an American in particular — they are Western — (American-centric to the point of complete stupefaction, they don’t even really know their own history, let alone talk about some barbarians from the land of ice and snow and their history), and the questions he asked the Palestinian Christian priest from Bethlehem were so naive that I was really touched … (for those interested, find a recording of his interview on Twitter dated April 9th)…

“How do you feel about the fact that Christian Americans do not raise their voices in defense of that small Christian community that lives in Palestine,” he asks… “Christian churches are bombed by the Israelis, Christian Palestinians are killed, and no one in the West raises this inconvenient question in the public space,” he says…

He asks and says the right thing, because the mass murder of anyone, be it Christians, Muslims, Jews or Buddhists, contradicts the tenets of Christian teaching…it seems…it seems…

So the Israelis destroyed an Orthodox church in Gaza with a targeted bomb, killing 18 Christians hiding there (hoping that the sacred walls of one of the oldest Christian church in the Holy Land would save them), and not a single Christian in the West or in the United States was indignant, did not demand a ceasefire and the senseless bloodthirsty destruction of everything that is possible in the Holy Land, which has long ceased to be holy, and has turned into a huge collective cemetery… Not only that, a former evangelical pastor, a Christian, so to speak, and now Congressman Walberg said , that from Gaza (and Ukraine at the same time) we need to arrange a second Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and stop all this as quickly as possible, without wasting the money of American taxpayers…

A naive and decent person, Tucker Carlson, wonders how this is possible — Christians silently watch the destruction of one of the oldest Christian communes on Earth and no one gives a voice, and this in America, which boasts of its ostentatious Christianity, in which it is still On Sundays it’s customary to go to church before Sunday lunch, blah blah blah…

Why is he actually surprised? Did you forget about the Crusades (I don’t even mention the visit of the crusaders to Russian soil), forgot about the forced Christianization of the peoples of both Americas, forgot about the murky history of cooperation between the Vatican and the Nazis during the Second World War? Or the very recent story of Iraq, as a result of the invasion and destruction of the country by the Americans and their allies, nine out of every ten Christians, who made up a fairly large Christian commune in Saddam’s Iraq, in which they lived and did not grieve, disappeared into time and space, and that same Christian commune, which had flourished there for centuries, simply disappeared…

I love Tucker Carlosn, it’s always interesting to listen to him, even when he asks, in a space filled with hypocrites who have long lost their understanding of the indigenous, historical Christian teachings, replaced in their minds by different “interpretations,” naive questions about why American Christians they are silent when their brothers and sisters in Christ are being destroyed in the Middle East with American money, as happened in Iraq, Syria, and now this is happening in Palestine… A naive person… Good, but very naive.

Lucy Dickerson

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