Igor Koroteev

Igor Koroteev28.06.2022

Japan’s participation in World War II is still not well understood. Perhaps because the pre-war policy of the Land of the Rising Sun was distinguished by complex turns and inconsistencies. By the 1930s, the Meiji Revolution had come to its end: an acute shortage of markets, a difficult economic situation due to the Great Depression. […]

Igor Koroteev31.05.2022

It is pointless to look for a way out in a hopeless situation – it is not there. However, history knows many examples when, in force majeure circumstances, a strategist changed the circumstances themselves and already in them, instead of avoiding losses, received new great opportunities. 60 years of the XI century AD the Song […]

Igor Koroteev12.05.2020

The persistent interest in Japan among the Russian people is not very similar to the craving for exotic. About forty years ago, it was still possible to amaze the imagination of my compatriot with bright miracles. But now … Millions of Russians have already traveled to all parts of the world, but interest in Japan […]

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